Littleton, CO

Decima CrossFit, 8/15/20


Clearwater, FL

CrossFit ABF, 9/19/20


Atlanta, GA

Wags & Weightlifting (USAW Meet) 5/16/20


Detroit, MI

CrossFit Frostbite, 7/25/20

New York 

Buffalo, NY

CrossFit QDA, 8/22/20


Pittsburgh, PA

CrossFit Shadyside, 8/15/20


Nashville, TN

CrossFit Donelson, 3/21/20

(Charity Workout)


Don't see anything in your area? 

Drop us a note to host an event near you! 



These are events where Barbells For Bullies HQ will take point and run the entire competition, taking ownership of virtually every aspect of the event. We only do a few of these a year, and consequently need to be very selective as we get dozens of request annually. 


However, if you're gym qualifies - we just need a gym and a dozen or so volunteers and we take care of the rest! 

Types Of Competitions We Host



This is our way of empowering gym owners and their communities. We don't run the event on-site - you do! But we take care of virtually everything else and provide support! Click the icon to drop us a note and get it started.

We can have an event as big or as small as your gym can accommodate, but we do have some requirements in order to provide the best possible experience for everyone with two (and four) legs! THIS VIDEO shows a satellite event in action!



We can run several in the same day, and save on travel expenses while allowing you to engage with your community - maximizing our impact and allowing us to help As Many Rescues As Possible. 



These are online-only events, where all you need is a smartphone and a desire to help pups. Similar to Online Qualifiers, these events can be done from anywhere, but also can be made into a weekly gym event - like The Open or Granite Games/WZA Throwdowns! 

You can win some awesome prizes and help some pups in the process!

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