Sit Rep 

Barbells For Bullies, VETWOD team up to raise money and awareness for

Veterans and organizations that pair shelter dogs with them!


Participate from anywhere! You can do these workouts from your CrossFit box, home gym, globo-gym or on base! 


June 13-June27, 2020. 

Workout 1 must be completed by June 19, 2020, Workout 2 must be completed by June 27 at 11:59pm PST. 


Sit Rep is a joint-operation from Barbells For Bullies and VETWOD to organizations that pull shelter dogs and trains them up to be service or therapy dogs for veterans. 

Moreover, Sit Rep is a platform to bring awareness to the situations that challenge veterans and pit-bull type dogs. Sadly, we lose one active soldier a day due to war, but we lose an average of 20 veterans a day to suicide (Source). It's also estimated that as many as 1,200 "pit bulls" a day are euthanized (Source). Both of these numbers are unacceptable. 

Sitrep (n) - a report on the current military situation in a particular area

in 2019, with our proof of concept, we raised and donated over $7,000 to operation sidekick!


This event will consist of two workouts, with several divisions: Service, RX, Masters, Scaled, and Fitness. 

In addition to an online competition, for gyms/individuals that want to do more, you can create a peer to peer fundraising page and gyms/teams can make an even bigger impact! 

This will be a multi-faceted event with an online competition format as well as a team fundraising format. HERE are some team leader best practices.

Facts, Stats, and Research


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Standards, scoring instructions, and rules are available by clicking below!

How To Get Involved 

Click the link and sign! It's intuitive and easy to set up an account via Throwdowns. There will be 5 divisions - and all workouts are listed above. These have been programmed by . 

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Want to go the extra mile? Create a Peer To Peer fundraising page, and raise more money and awareness. Plus, you can earn some dope incentives for your gym! 

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Share on socials! Tell people about the event via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc! The more people sign up, the more veterans and shelter pups we can help! 

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Talk to your gym! Maybe they want to do the Sit Rep workouts on Saturday/Sunday, or turn it into a Friday Night Lights of sorts! 

Also, if you sign up your gym to be a fundraiser team, you can earn the below for your gym by hitting these various milestones! 

Team Fundraising Incentives


AMRAPS: As Many Rescues As Possible

Our goal, as an organization, is to help AMRAP: As Many Rescues As Possible. Whether it's small rescues organizations around the US or rescue pups in need, we're here to help as many as we can. Regardless of breed, age, or location, we exist to fight for the underdog, and want to create a fit and socially conscientious community that rallies around rescue. Whether it involves a barbell or not, if it's about fitness and community, count us in. 

We're here to make a difference, and let you know we all can make a difference. One random act of kindness at a time. 

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