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Barbells For Bullies : Denver 2019 


Crossfit LTP

5450 Wadsworth Bypass 

Arvada, CO 80002




On a mission to help As Many Rescues As Possible.

We will have a Partner (2M ,2F ,or M/F) with both RX and Scaled Divisions. 

All WODS are below. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on us! 

Barbells For Bullies fosters a fitter and "pittier" community. We're a 501c3 that donates all of our net proceeds to deserving rescues and organizations.


Sorry, but we had to cancel this event!

We're working on setting up an event with a new venue in Denver. 

Sponsored in Part By:
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We wanted to dedicate a workout after one of our die hard supporters' pups. Here's what Aly, an athlete who has driven from West Texas to Denver every year since 2017 to participate in our Denver Event, had to say about Kail!

"I wanted to give you a little  background on my special senior Pit Kail that i rescued back in August 13th of 2015.  I had gotten a call about a dog that had been laying under a trailer porch for over 2 weeks and hadn't moved from that spot.  I thought to myself i know i cant take on a dog but let me just go look and see if i can leave her with some water and work on a plan for her.  When I arrived it was much worse than i had thought.  This poor dog was laying in trash under this porch covered in ticks and could hardly stand up, it was in the 100's that day.  We rushed her to the vet where they held onto her for a week after finding out she had two types of tick fever, dehydration and worms.  I went to visit sweet Kail and hold her almost everyday while she was recovering.  Once she was able to be released I felt i had spent so much time getting to know her in the vets office that i thought it was time she just be home for good, in my home.  Kail ended up having GDV and even flipping her stomach at one point and 3 emergency visits later and 40 staples she was back home.  She was a fighter for sure but she was the most gentle, kind soul of a dog I had ever come across in my entire life. Not once did I ever hear a growl out of her the whole 2 and half years she was with me.  She loved puppies and kids. You could definitely tell she had had multiple litters so she had that motherly instinct and welcomed all my foster dogs and pups.  Kail really showed me how much life and love senior dogs have to give no matter their age.  The funny part about her was finding her in the most random places in my home.  She loved hiding in my closet and one day I found her in the drying machine just snuggled up on warm clothes.  Lol she new how to make everyone laugh and her smile was contagious.  I had her for almost 3 years until her kidneys failed her but I held her in my arms through the very end just like i had when i found her that day and took her to the vet.  Kail rang in around 50lbs and she was a beautiful stocky blue pittie with that white stripe between her eyes. When the time comes for another dog it will be a senior pittie off the street or from the shelter no doubt."

Thank you Aly, for being an awesome human. 

-The Barbells For Bullies Team 


As Many Rescues As Possible

Last year, we were all about that One More. One more rep, one more pull, one more rescue, one more foster, one more conversation to change minds. 

This year, we want to empower local gyms and rescues.

This year, we want to take our mission and extend it to any gym that would be willing to host an event. 

This year, we're on a mission, to help As Many Rescues As Possible.

Whether it's by hosting an event to benefit a local rescue, funding a pup's needs via The Underdog Fund, we're on a mission to make a difference.

We can all make a difference, just one more random act of kindness at a time. 

Competitors that sign up before the posted date will receive a can't-buy-it-anywhere t-shirt (or tank for the ladies) courtesy of our partnerships with Wags & Weights.

Partner WOD ^N1 Denver
Partner WOD 2 Denver
As Many Rescues As Possible
2019 Competitor Shirts
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