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Below is a list of our partners that support Barbells For Bullies' mission of fostering a fit community that rallies around animal rescue and uses fitness as a force for good. 
See below for more information and some special offers!

2POOD is the official weight belt of USA Weightlifting, as well as the designers of the innovative WOD Clamp, which allows the user to loosen or tighten their belt during metcons with ease. 

2POOD donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Barbells for Bullies and The Underdog Fund branded belts on their website!

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The partnership between Barbells For Bullies & WHOOP started in 2020 for their Ruck Your Balls Off initiative, and continues to grow. 

Barbells For Bullies is thrilled to be partnered with an organization that is dedicated to creating a community centered around wellness and maximizing human potential. 

You can join the WHOOP tribe, and get a WHOOP and your first month for FREE by clicking HERE or the logo. 

​In our efforts to keep pups safe, we've partnered with Fi to A) gift rescues Fi collars for dogs that are flight risks and in foster care B) Create a safety net for dogs in foster care C) have added peace of mind for potential adopters when they bring their new best friend home. 

Fi is working with us to extend their rescue program to help achieve the above. By clicking the link and snagging a Fi collar for your own four-legged friends, you can help us achieve this mission. 

  • Fi is the smart, stylish dog collar that allows pup-parents to keep a close eye on Fido’s every step and exact location. Utilizing the latest innovations in cellular technology, Fi is the most accurate, lightweight, modern smart collar. With superior technology, Fi has a battery life 20x longer than competitors, prevents backyard escapes, and finds lost dogs faster. Fi: A new breed of dog collar."

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Click HERE or the Fi Logo for $25 Off and 1 month of monitoring free! 


Barbells For Bullies & Veteran-Owned GORUCK have teamed up for two years in a row, starting in November 2019. In July 2020, they conducted a second iteration of Ruck Your Balls Off together, dedicated to raising money and awareness for spay/neuter operations around the US. 

As of July 2020, this initiative has donated over $23,000 to spay/neuter operations, altering hundreds of animals and even allowing low-income families access to vet care, in some cases for the first time. 

ABMAT & Barbells For Bullies teamed up to launch an awareness-raising initiative that leveraged fitness and community (as is Barbells For Bullies' purview). In March 2020, they challenged the fitness community at large to accumulate 1.2 Million sit ups. 

Why this number? 

Because it's estimate that that's how many dogs die in shelters every year. Some estimates put as many as 1 million of those that perish as "pit bull type" dogs. 

The purpose of the initiative was to raise awareness and engage the fitness community, and in that regard, it was a huge success. 

In total: 

66 Gyms Participated 

2641 Individuals 

2,385,320 Sit Ups accumulated across the US

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