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Happy Tails! Best Mates; Captain Hook and Spyder

Our friends at PAWS Atlanta shared one of their happy tails!

Captain Hook was abandoned by his owners at our gate after hours with a hook in his mouth (we’re not sure how that part happened). We had the hook removed and he was then fostered by one of our staff members until we had space at PAWS to take him in to our program.

He spent almost a year in our shelter and became best friends with a dog named Spyder (saved from Cobb County Animal Control). After waiting 10 months, Captain Hook was finally adopted by the parents of one of our regular fosters.

The really cool part is, after having him for a little while, the adopters heard that Captain had a buddy at PAWS, so came back and adopted Spyder too and the best friends were reunited! They cuddle all the time and love to run around together. The owners cannot fathom them being at the shelter so long because both are so perfect.

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