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Rescue Story: Kiya

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

I was rescued at 4 weeks old. Although it is not a conventional rescue out of the shelter, it is still a rescue story. My mom rescued me from a bad situation from a breeder. At 4 weeks, I couldn’t do much of anything. My mom bottle fed me, mixed formula with my wet food and cleaned up potty pads for 4 weeks. I could not go outside and I could not interact with any other animals. It was very much a newborn situation.

I grew from 2.5lbs to 60lbs. I am a very happy and loving girl. Unfortunately, I do suffer from anxiety. Although it is difficult, it has become a way of life for my parents. I require a different type of life than any other dog and it requires a lot of patience. I have a very close bond with my parents and I sometimes do not understand the actions of other people or dogs. My mom sometimes thinks if I was to stay with my actual mom for the correct amount of time then I would have grown up a little bit differently.

So this is Kiya’s story. She is not a perfect dog but I am happy about the experience and knowledge I have gained with owning a dog under extreme anxiety. She is a big mush. She loves the outside, preferably the beach or a big field with snow. She grew up in Boston, MA so city life is a big part of her. She now has a brother, Dexter, who is a 1 year old boxer. She has grown very patient with him and they now snuggle together. I like to think he levels her out. Even though she is very anxious, she is still a great dog. Even though she requires a little more work and effort in her daily care and training, I would hate for anyone to overlook a dog with anxiety. In my opinion, it is finding the right balance and bond with your dog that makes everything manageable. If I did not have Kiya in my life I would not be the same person I am today. She was there with me through dark times and she still continues to give me that comfort. To me, dogs offer something that other people can not and I am truly blessed to have had her come barreling into my life when she did.

Note from Barbells For Bullies HQ: Jess - Kiya's mom - went above and beyond. There is no doubt there. But we just want to reiterate and keep saying that if you're reading this, you can make a difference. Every minute volunteered, every conversation about rescue and advocacy, every rep in one of our comps, every share on social media, and every mind you potentially change about bully breeds and rescue dogs as a whole - you're making a difference. Remember that. We can all make a difference, one random act of kindness at a time.

-Alex, Founder & Director, Barbells For Bullies

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