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Next Level Fitted Mens Tee


60% Cotton / 40% Poly 


The Story Behind The Model Pitizen Project: 


Our founder and executive director - Alex - is a graduate student, and has been conducting high level research into the communication and messaging issues surrounding Pit Bull Type dogs. One pervasive element kept coming to the fore: they've been unjustly villainized in the media, unfairly reported on, and undeservedly linked to crime and the drug trade.

This initiative is our attempt at taking the image of "pit bull type" dogs back and representing them how they truly are: loving, adoring, strong, goofy pups that are no different than any other dog. They are not vicious by nature; they are inherently good. We will be leveraging this shirt and this image with the stories of supporters like you, that can tell us and the world in your own words how your bully is a Model Pitizen.

They are misrepresented in the media, overpopulated in shelters, and are euthanized far, far greater than any other dog - presumably due to the stigma and bias that has been unjustly ascribed to them. We want this to be the first step in a series of calculated moves to help erase 30+ years of unwarranted attention; and myths that they are vicious, unsafe, or otherwise any different than any other canine.




Model Pitizen - Men’s Tee

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