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Barbells For Bullies is taking our dedication to helping As Many Rescues As Possible one step further.

As you may well know, ALL of the proceeds from our events go directly to help rescues and local charities doing good work. But we're on a mission to do more. This is a fund for the underdogs.A fund for the pups that people forgot. The starved, the neglected, the ones that suffered through no fault of their own. We will use all the net proceeds from our peer-to-peer events, Olympic Weightlifting competitions, and online events to sponsor dogs rescued from horrible circumstances, pledge money to spring pups from death row, buy crates and medical supplies for under-served shelters and fosters, or whatever else we can do. Consider this an escrow account for empathy. 


This is Buddha. He was dumped at a rural Texas shelter, likely studded until his tumors grew too unsightly for this previous "owner." We were tagged on social media, and swooped in, offering to pay for his surgery, heartworm treatment and whatever else was needed. 


He's now on the road to recovery and doing fine! 


Shelby is another pup that we saw because a supporter tagged us. It was heartbreaking. It said she was in the shleter over a year, and barely got any interest. We started networking her and sent her some of her favorite toys (plush squeakies and peanut butter, as seen left) to lift her spirits. Within a week, she found her forever home - look at the freedom ride face! 


Meet Callista. Yet again, someone tagged us and we came running. She was a 7 year old pup that was dumped at the shelter, and she needed to be spayed and have a mass surgically removed. The Underdog Fund paid for all of it once a rescue pulled her. 

Every pup you see below has been helped by The Underdog Fund - by fully funding their veterinary care to buying them supplies to paying for their freedom ride. 


Arizona we came across on socials as well. He was in bad shape (pictured), presumable mauled by several dogs. We offered to sponsor his medical bills via the Underdog Fund and La Mancha Rescue (just outside of Philly) pulled him. He lived with an awesome foster until a supporter (and friend) of the Barbells For Bullies organization met him for some graduate school coursework. She fell in love, and now he's living an awesome life with his new family! 

There are dozens of more pups we've helped, and we're helping more everyday. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated or subscribe to our newsletter! 

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