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Barbells For Bullies is taking our dedication to helping As Many Rescues As Possible one step further.

As you may well know, ALL of the proceeds from our events go directly to help rescues and local charities doing good work. But we're on a mission to do more. This is a fund for the underdogs.A fund for the pups that people forgot. The starved, the neglected, the ones that suffered through no fault of their own. We will use all the net proceeds from our peer-to-peer events, Olympic Weightlifting competitions, and online events to sponsor dogs rescued from horrible circumstances, pledge money to spring pups from death row, buy crates and medical supplies for under-served shelters and fosters, or whatever else we can do. Consider this an escrow account for empathy. 

The Underdog Fund - Announcement Video

The Underdog Fund - Announcement Video

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