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Want to host an event at your gym? 

We can arrange that! 

So you love pups and want to sweat for a cause, but we don't have any events out your way or any event planning experience? Not a problem! 

Drop us a note here, fill out this form or hit us up on Facebook or Instagram, and let's get the conversation started.


You don't need event planning experience, just a location and a charitable spirit. We take care of the rest! 

You will experience one or all of the following side-effects: 

  • Positive brand image with the community

  • Excessive puppy kisses 

  • Uncontrollable smiling

  • Increased traffic, both human and canine, at your facility

  • Branding and exclusive partnering opportunities


"We threw a competition on literally the hottest day of the summer in Nashville, and it was still a delight. The B4B team handled all the programming (provided with the info for all the equipment our gym has). They made the heat schedule and handled the gym setup. They wrangled judges. They briefed judges and athletes. They staffed all the important stuff. We just did what we were asked to do, what we knew we needed to do WAY ahead of time, and it ran smoothly. Even on the hottest day of the year :) " - Kate S., Coach, CrossFit Cool Springs

"Barbells for Bullies is a tremendous organization! We hosted one of their events at Crossfit Danbury and it was the most successful event we have ever hosted! We had teams from all across the tristate area participate. Everything ran smoothly and was well organized. You could see how passionate everyone was about the organization and to actually see the difference you made in an animal’s life was truly rewarding" - Wally, Coach, CrossFit Danbury

"Alex and all of the crew at Barbell for Bullies have been awesome. This will be the 3rd year we have hosted an event and they make it incredibly easy.  We provided them a couple judges, the details on the facility and our equipment and they handled everything else. They designed the workouts, floor layout, organized the judges and volunteers, arranged vendors, provided the scoring system and an MC for the event. It was a great experience not only for me as a gym owner but also for all the competitors, spectators and vendors." - Kent M., Owner, FAST/CrossFit LTP

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