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Two Happy Tails! How Fostering Can Save Lives

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Our friends at Doggie Harmony dropped us a note, and let us know of 2 happy tails. Both of these dogs were in boarding, and were 11th hour rescues from a local shelter where they were in danger of being put down. Doggie Harmony stepped in, and got them out.

Both of them needed to be in only dog homes, through no fault of their own ; they just didn't seem to like other dogs. Fosters and gracious donors which could help with boarding are the only reason these two beautiful pups are on this mortal coil, and they found their forever homes!

Check out Biggie below!

Biggie with his new family!

And sweet Ms. Bella found her forever home too!

Bella : Look how happy she is!

Minor victories like this are what make this whole thing worthwhile - seeing these pups go from about to be "destroyed" to loving, doting companions; able to sleep on a comfy bed, get unlimited belly rubs, and love their people forever.

If you're thinking about fostering, you should really look into it. If you're serious, we at Barbells For Bullies would love to help - and have contacts with all kinds of shelters and rescue groups to help find the right dog for you: whether you already have your own little pack, or are looking for a foster to keep you company until they find their forever home.

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