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Barbells For Bullies fosters a fitter and "pittier" community. We're a 501c3 that donates all of our net proceeds from funds raised via competition to deserving rescues and organizations.

Power Athletes For Pitties : Atlanta 2018


Crossfit 30004

540 Branch Drive

Alpharetta, GA 30004


October 28, 2018 


Because we like to lift heavy things,  dogs are awesome, and cardio is for suckers... 

This will be slightly different than our other competitions you've seen in ATL. 

This time, inspired by our beloved blockheads, we will have a power athlete biased event. Think sleds, heavy lifts, atlas stones, pulls, farmer carries, and more.

A Strongman style individual event, we will challenge your mettle and your back.


Proceeds from this event will go towards our new project, The Underdog Fund

Early Bird Pricing Until 9/15/18

Individuals Only! - $50

Event Divisions: 

This event will be broken up into weight classes. Heavyweight Men - (HWM) = 205lb+

Heavyweight Women - (HWW) = 155lb+

Lightweight Men - (LWM) = Up to 204lb

Lightweight Women - (LWW) = Up to 154lb

Registrations before 10/7/18 will get a can't-buy-it-anywhere T-shirt co-branded with Wags & Weights!

Registration closes 10/20/18 - No exceptions!

**Please note, this is an all day event!

Registration is Open!! Click HERE! 


Scoring Policy: Scoring is based on a point system. The heaviest weight, fastest time, most reps etc will be given 1 pt, 2nd place will be given 2 pts, and so on. Lowest total score wins. 

Refund Policy: Refunds will be given up to 45 days before the event date. No refunds will be issued for injuries, sick teammates, locusts, floods, or zombies. We will issue refunds to all athletes if however we cancel the event for unforeseen circumstances. 

Sponsored in part by:
The Undedog Fund By Barbells For Bullies

As you may well know, ALL of the proceeds from our events go directly to help rescues and local charities doing good work. But, we're on a mission to do more. 

We, Barbells For Bullies, started a fund for the underdogs. A fund for the pups that people forgot.
The starved, the neglected, the ones that suffered abuse through no fault of their own. 
We will use all the net proceeds from our Power Athlete events, select pop up competitions, and online events to sponsor dogs rescued from horrible circumstances, help pet owners feed their dogs if they're down on their luck, or buy crates and medical supplies for under-served shelters and fosters. 
Consider this an escrow account for empathy. 
All Videos

All Videos

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WOD #3 - Power Athletes, ATL


The theme of this year's events is "One More."

As fitness people, we're all about going the extra mile - sometimes literally.

One more set.

One more rep. 

One more minute. 

One more pull - we're about adding that one  extra. We want to take that same fervor and transpose it into rescue and animal advocacy.

Just one more volunteer. 

One more hour.

One more post on social media.

One more bag of goodies for the shelter.

One more conversation to change minds.

We can all make a difference, just one more random act of kindness at a time. 

Competitors that sign up before the posted date will receive a can't-buy-it-anywhere t-shirt (or tank for the ladies) courtesy of our partnerships with Wags & Weights.

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