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Dubs For Bubs!

Pop-Up Event


From anywhere! The purpose of this event is to raise funds, awareness and fitness!



The competition ends on 10/26/2020 - National Pit Bull Awareness Day. (Check out the facts and stats below)


October is National Shelter Dog Month, National Pit Bull Awareness Month, and October 26th is National Pit Bull Awareness day. This event is to raise awareness, and a little bit of money. 


Click the link below or HERE to register. It's only $5 to enter, and takes just two minutes to complete the workout! 

Dubs For Bubs Design.png

The Details

 Our goal is to collectively do as many double unders or single unders as a community as possible. 



To raise awareness, and a little bit of money.

October is National Shelter dog month and National Pitbull Awareness Month. 

Every year over one million dogs die in shelters in the US. 


That's the population of Dallas, TX. And it happens every single year.

And the overwhelming majority of pit bull type dogs that enter the shelter don't make it out alive. 


Shelter overpopulation is a huge concern but we can all make a difference. 

Adopt, foster, volunteer, advocate, educate. 


This event is all about getting people involved and raising awareness, and costs only $5 to enter. This is about exemplifying our mission of fostering a fit community that rallies around rescue!

Proceeds will benefit The Underdog Fund.  

Facts, Stats, and Research

  • Shelter overpopulation is a major problem in the US. Over $3B is spent annually to maintain shalters, the majority of which are full or close to capacity at all times. An additional $800M-$1B is spent on animal control alone! Source

  • Live outcomes - that is animals that make it out of the shelter alive, vary greatly regionally and locally. Southern states in the US, Texas, and California have the lowest live outcome rates. It's estimated that over 70,000 pit bull type dogs are killed in the LA metro area annually alone! Source

  • Of the 3 million cats and dogs that are killed in shelters each year, over 80% of them are healthy and treatable and could have been adopted to loving homes. Read: animals are sometimes killed for space when they could be adopted out. Source

  • But you want a purebred, you say? 25% of dogs in shelters are purebred.Source

  • Labels are dangerous. Several studies have concluded that not only is it exceptionally difficult to accurately assess a dogs breed just by looking at it, but over 40% of dogs in shelters that were labeled as "pit bulls" were not at all any type of bully breed whatsoever! Source

  • Moreover, it's been empirically proven that mislabeling dogs, or labeling dogs as "pit bull mixes" reduce their chances of adoption significantly, presumably due to stereotypes and media bias. Several studies have shown that removing labels increases adoption rates and forces people to consider a dog as an individual - not as a "breed" alone. Source

Facts, Stats, and Research

  1. Sign Up, it's just $5 to enter

  2. Download WeTime or your favorite app to time yourself. We have a custom Dubs for Bubs 2 minute filter in WeTime.

  3. Accumulate max DUs or SUs in two minutes, with the tie-breaker being max unbroken DUs/SUs

  4. If you win your division, you score yourself an RPM Jump Rope! (a $65 value!)

  5. Get your friends involved.

  6. Raise awareness, save some pups, raise money in the process!

The Underdog Fund's Impact in 2020










Meet Callista. Yet again, someone tagged us and we came running. She was a 7 year old pup that was dumped at the shelter, and she needed to be spayed and have a mass surgically removed. The Underdog Fund paid for all of it once a rescue pulled her. 



Shelby is another pup that we saw because a supporter tagged us. It was heartbreaking. It said she was in the shleter over a year, and barely got any interest. We started networking her and sent her some of her favorite toys (plush squeakies and peanut butter, as seen left) to lift her spirits. Within a week, she found her forever home - look at the freedom ride face! 



Arizona we came across on socials as well. He was in bad shape (pictured), presumable mauled by several dogs. We offered to sponsor his medical bills via the Underdog Fund and La Mancha Rescue (just outside of Philly) pulled him. He lived with an awesome foster until a supporter (and friend) of the Barbells For Bullies organization met him for some graduate school coursework. She fell in love, and now he's living an awesome life with his new family! 


We were tagged by a supporter on an Instagram post. Brandy here was pulled by a rescue from a high-kill shelter in Miami, and was in desperate need of FHO surgery; a femoral head ostectomy, the canine equivalent of a hip repair/replacement. The surgery cost over $2500. We saw her story an immediately pledged $500, then we took that donation up to $950 after many of our supporters mobilized and donated directly, or bought merch (We said that anything we sold in a 24 hour period would be donated.) We're thrilled to report that we raised all the money within 36 hours and she had the surgery and is now recovering in a foster home! 

Brandy_All Things Pawsible.JPG.jpg


AMRAPS: As Many Rescues As Possible

Our goal, as an organization, is to help AMRAP: As Many Rescues As Possible. Whether it's small rescues organizations around the US or rescue pups in need, we're here to help as many as we can. Regardless of breed, age, or location, we exist to fight for the underdog, and want to create a fit and socially conscientious community that rallies around rescue. Whether it involves a barbell or not, if it's about fitness and community, count us in. 

We're here to make a difference, and let you know we all can make a difference. One random act of kindness at a time. 

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